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At Headache and Pain Institute, “We treat the problem, not just the pain”, by working with you to help to avoid continuing problems by using exercise, physical therapy, dietary and lifestyle changes

Steroid injections

Steroid injections are commonly used for the treatment of joint and soft tissue disorders. Steroids have been shown to be helpful for easing pain and reducing high levels of inflammation. They may also protect the cartilage within joints Steroid injections are often used in conjunction with local anaesthetic. There are several different formulations of both steroid and anaesthetic which may be used.

Amniotic Stem Cell injections

Stem cell treatments for musculoskeletal conditions represent cutting edge treatments that are on the cusp of mainstream deployment. The ethical concerns over fetal involvement have been eliminated with the latest treatments that either use the patient’s own tissue elements (blood, adipose or bone marrow) or amnion collected from consenting donors after scheduled C-sections.