About Us

Headache and Pain Institute of Tyler Texas

Headache and Pain Institute exists to give you back control of your life. Headaches, migraines, joint pain and muscle pain can take control of your ability to participate in holidays, school, work, and personal relationships. This is not just about how much time you miss, but how much time you spend operating at 50% or less of your capacity.

Headache and Pain Institute is committed to providing every patient with an exceptional level of care and attention within the specialties of Headache, Pain Medicine and Neurology in Tyler Texas. We are proud to be physician-owned and operated.

We believe in a multidisciplinary approach to providing relief from chronic pain and helping people cope with their condition. Our practice emphasizes low-risk procedures and non-Narcotic treatments that draw from both new technologies and proven treatments.

The Headache & Pain Institute physicians have been performing pain management procedures since 2003. Each year we perform thousands of procedures.

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